The Sycamore Tree – LUKE 19:1-10

If Zacchaeus was anything, he was a seeker – a desperate seeker at that. Who was this Jesus that was turning lives around and even upside down? Did He speak truth…eternal truth that changed hearts and re-routed people’s life journeys? Was He THE TRUTH? He had to know!

He planned his intersection with Jesus. He was feeling inexplicably drawn to Him and so he was compelled to make contact with Him…. at whatever the cost. Here Zacchaeus is, the chief tax collector running  to find his place of intersection. He, as the chief collector and coming from a very prestigious family, was supposed to act refined and dignified and somewhat aloof. But not now. He was on a mission that (unknown to him)would totally rearrange his life and actually give him new life.

Nothing could stop him. Not the opinions of others and their shock and sarcastic remarks at one who never hurried for anything or anybody.  Not his usual calloused indifference to anything that was not to his advantage for material gain. For deep down inside he felt this craving for completeness and meaning and purpose that had escaped him up to this point in his life. Maybe, just maybe Jesus was the One who could give his life meaning and completeness.

So Zacchaeus positioned himself high up in that sycamore tree – a tree he had passed by countless times. Humbled by hanging from his perch in the tree, tuned out to the ruthless remarks of those who despised him, he strained to see when Jesus would pass by. And then it happened, the intersection between the life-giving life of Jesus and the craving need of a man who was desperate. Jesus “looked up and said…”  (to Zacchaeus), “I must stay at your house today.”  Jesus, Himself was compelled to initiate a life changing-intersection with the tree climber.

The sycamore tree became the intersecting place. The pursuing heart of Jesus became the intersecting life gift and the aching emptiness of a man became the reason for the eternal intersection that changed his life forever. And Zacchaeus hurried again and climbed down from the tree and “received him joyfully.” Life found. Sins forgiven. Joy initiated. Care for others given.

All because of an intersected life!




Author: lifeintersected7

A whole-hearted Christ follower whose life forever changed when intersected by the Giver of Life Himself

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