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Life’s turns and twists are never random. God said so when He  – God the Holy Spirit – inspired David to write the words ” The steps of a man are established by the Lord….” Psalm 37:23. God establishes not just the general direction for a person’s life, but the actual day by day and minute by minute, step by step movement that eventually determines life’s ultimate outcome . And when our steps are “established” by the Lord , they are “put in place” – the place that our God determines. This truth is further established in the following verse (verse 24) when the Lord is pictured as holding his hand or upholding his hand. The hand in this context is an open hand, (in contrast to a clenched one) open to receiving the directive nudges of the One who is grasping it.

I once had a much older friend who eventually lost her sight and became very unsteady on her feet. Age had taken its toll and in her frailty I would often take her hand to provide stability and safe direction. I found that in her safe home environment in which she had lived over fifty years, she was much more secure and independent. She knew the turns and twists of her home. She knew the steps to take to get her to any room in her house; but when we were out in town and would come to intersecting streets, she leaned more heavily upon my hand and would wait for me to take the lead. My grip would always tighten as we approached the intersection because I knew navigating that intersection was critical in getting us to our destination – and was for her also more dangerous.

Our life paths always have turns and twists, but they also have intersections. It is at the point of intersections that life can be dramatically altered. I have found that God Himself is in the “intersection” business. And He most frequently uses His Word and other people to do His intersection work in our lives. When He intersects my life with people or with a pounding truth from His Word, and I have an open hand to receive from Him, I discover life moves in a gloriously different and more profoundly wonderful direction.

So looking at the ways in which the all-knowing and all-powerful God intersects our lives and the lives of others in secular history and in the Bible is the purpose of this blog. We ALL have had intersections with God. Standing still at an intersection instigated by Him is never an option. We must move in one direction or another. His intersections invite us to journey. When we become aware of  our divinely-designed intersections, we discover the exhilaration that comes as we grip His hand and move in His direction that leads to His ultimate purpose for creating us.


Author: lifeintersected7

A whole-hearted Christ follower whose life forever changed when intersected by the Giver of Life Himself

One thought on “LIFE INTERSECTED”

  1. God has led me to an intersection in my life right now. It has to do with how to help my sister (who is crying out for direction/guidance/assistance. I am holding tight to the One who will lead us to make the right turns. Thanks for your eloquent reminder.

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